The Death of Lloyd Avery

Despite his promising acting career, Lloyd Avery fell into bad habits and got embroiled in gang-related activities. He started to threaten directors and cast members, and he also began burglarizing homes.

He ended up being involved in a double murder and was sentenced to life in prison. He was eventually killed by his devil-worshipping cellmate in September of 2005.

He was shot and killed in Hacienda Heights

As he basked in his newfound fame, friends began to notice unsettling developments in Lloyd’s character. He was a gangster, after all, and street gang wars can be deadly. He would later star in several films, including Lockdown and New Jack City, but he was always unable to separate his real life from his screen persona. In September 2005, convicted murderer and Satan worshipper Kevin Roby strangled Lloyd Avery in their prison cell.

Lloyd was born in 1969 and grew up alongside his brother, Che Avery. Their parents stressed the importance of a good education and both children attended Beverly Hills High School, where they excelled at water polo and baseball. Their mother, Linda, was a homemaker. She later worked in the banking industry. Lloyd’s family conducted a private autopsy after his death, and it listed the cause as blunt force trauma complicated by aspiration of blood. The autopsy also noted that he was a member of the Bloods.

He was strangled to death in Pelican Bay State Prison

Known for his role as the blood-splattered Knucklehead in John Singleton’s Oscar-nominated film Boyz N the Hood, Lloyd Avery died at age 36 in 2005 when he was strangled to death by his Satan-worshipping cellmate. The incident occurred after a religious-based argument turned physical. Roby choked Avery and placed his body on a pentagram he drew on the floor of their prison cell.

Avery’s family was middle-class and emphasized the importance of education. He attended Beverly Hills High School, where he was an excellent water polo and baseball player. But he was prone to impulsive behavior and soon became involved in street gangs.

One night in 1988, Avery was shopping at the Slauson Swap Meet with Doran Reed when he got into a fight with some frat brothers. The conflict lasted three days, and Avery was arrested for assaulting the men with a gun. He was sentenced to life in prison. He was transferred to Pelican Bay State Prison in March 2001.

He was a gang member

Having grown up in middle-class surroundings with an emphasis on education, Lloyd Avery II began to drift from his family values and become involved in criminal activities like robberies. He also started using drugs and fought with other gang members.

Avery was arrested in December 2000 for the murders of Annette Lewis and Percy Branch, who were shot in broad daylight after an argument over a drug debt. He was sentenced to life in prison. During his time in prison, Avery became a devout Christian, nicknaming himself Baby Jesus. He eventually died of strangulation in 2005.

Investigation Discovery’s upcoming episode of ‘Death By Fame: Life Imitates Art’ follows Lloyd Avery as his career went south and he got embroiled in gang-related activities. He was ultimately murdered in Pelican Bay State Prison by Kevin Roby, who goes by the name Satanicc Christ. It’s a fascinating and gruesome story. You can watch the episode on February 27 at 9.00 pm ET on Investigation Discovery.

He was a movie star

Lloyd Avery was a former actor who rose to fame after appearing in John Singleton’s Oscar-nominated movie Boyz N the Hood. His real-life persona began to blur with his on-screen character, and friends noticed a change in his behavior. He was threatening people, macing girls, and even robbing people. He was also involved in two killings, which landed him at Pelican Bay.

After his conviction for double murder, he was sentenced to life at Pelican Bay. He was strangled to death by his cellmate Kevin Roby, a Satanic worshiper, in September 2005. His death was a tragedy and his friends, including Singleton, mourned him. An upcoming episode of ID’s Life Imitates Art is slated to revisit the circumstances that led to his death. This will give viewers a more detailed look at his complicated story. There is no consensus on what triggered his breakdown, but many speculate that it was a combination of factors, including a bad breakup, drugs, and daddy issues.

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